7 Amazing Things We Can All Look Forward To in 2017

It’s going to be a pretty great year for you.

The year’s coming to an end, and you’ll soon be putting the crazy ride that was 2016 behind you. Rather than look back on the arguably rough few months that we all went through, let’s look forward instead to all the amazing things coming your way this brand new year:

New friends, new connections
Since you’ll doubtlessly be meeting new people next year, you’re poised to make a ton of new friends to make more special and memorable moments with. So always remember to put your most charming self forward — you might just get a lifelong bestie out of it!

Career growth and development
Give your best shot at everything you do so you can nab on that promotion you've been eyeing. 2017 is your chance to reach another career milestone, so work it! 

Conquering your fears
It’s time to be brave and face your fears head on, whether it’s something abstract like failure or disappointment, or something a little more concrete like icky spiders and cockroaches. The fear you've always been wanting to conquer—we believe you can definitely own it this year!

Travels and adventures
There’s a wide, wide world out there waiting for you! Make 2017 the year you finally dust off your backpack and hit the road. Go on an adventure, tick off the destinations in your bucket list, and create more Cloud 9 Moments this year!

Love is in the air
This year, open yourself up to the possibility of finding that special person who can make your heart skip a beat and make every moment extra special. Who knows, The One you've been waiting for might just be around the corner!

Academic advancement
School hasn't been an easy ride, but that diploma at the finish line will make all the sleepless nights worth it. Make carpe diem your academic motto this 2017 and aim high: You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve!

Beating your own track record
New year, new you! This 2017, challenge yourself by learning new skills and improving the abilities you already have. Push yourself to the limit in everything you do, and embrace and treasure all your accomplishments this year.

Every year has the potential to be an awesome one if you just have the right attitude and mindset. So be positive and make 2017 your banner year, filling it with personal triumphs and Cloud 9 moments that you’ll proudly look back on someday. It's your chance to be the best you that you can be!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Cloud 9.