How to Be a Better Traveler: 7 Tips

Save money—and the environment, as you see the world.



( When making travel plans and deciding on a destination, what are the things that you should consider? What's the best and fastest way to plot your itinerary? Here are some tips that might help you out:


1. Wait for the best deals.

It's tempting to purchase plane tickets as you browse airline websites, but it would be best to wait just to see if there's a seat sale coming up. If you can afford to postpone your travel plans by a few months in order to save money, then go for it. 


2. Don't limit your itinerary to the usual tourist spots.

Explore more hole-in-the-wall restaurants and unplanned tours—the most authentic travel experiences are more likely to start there.


3. Pack light.

As much as you want to fill your Instagram page with travel OOTD posts, staying within your baggage limit should be your main priority. Besides, a heavy luggage will slow you down during your travels. And don't forget about all the souvenirs you need to pack!



4. Be very picky about who you travel with.

Your choice of traveling companion can make a vacation truly special—or a real nightmare. Invite only the people whom you know will appreciate the destinations and activities you have in mind.


5. Leave some room for spontaneity.

Be prepared, especially for the unexpected. This is a vacation, after all—leave space on your agenda for spontaneity. You’ll appreciate the breathing room, and you won’t have to feel like you’re in a rush.


6. Be more conscious of the environment.

Look for eco-friendly activities that you can participate in and enjoy, like a cleanup scuba dive or a hike. Bring along reusable containers and your own water jug to minimize plastic usage on your trip.


7. Find ways to give back to each place you visit.

There are many small businesses and nonprofit organizations all over the country. If you can, pay them a visit. Many tourists look for ways to give back to local communities, so do your research on the causes, advocacies, and sustainable products and services that deserve to be promoted and supported.


If, during your travels, you come across something that sparks a business idea or a personal advocacy, don’t be afraid to pursue it.

During Spark Fest 2018, marine conservationist Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas,
a nonprofit organization for which she is executive director, offers these tips to those planning to open a tourism-related business: “Get to know the community you’re going to be in. Dive with them, hang out with the boat crew, drink what they drink.” She stresses the importance of fully immersing yourself in the tradition, culture, and daily life of the local community.



Traveling is a gateway to amazing things; it allows you to meet new people and experience different cultures. On your next trip, make it more memorable by being an environmentally woke traveler.


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