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These Jobs Have the Happiest Employees in the Philippines

Overworked, underpaid, and unhappy? Here's where you should go

Thinking of switching careers? Ready your resumé because has found where the happiest employees in the country are.


In a survey conducted from July 31 to August 31, asked 9,326 Filipinos what makes them happy and unhappy about their jobs. The respondents gathered were from different position levels, and represented various specializations.


The number one recruitment site in the country revealed that these two sectors have the happiest employees:




People from hotel and hospitality industries, the report added, do not just have the happiest employees, it's also considered the happiest specialization as well, with 5.6% of employees saying that work in that field is less stressful compared to other industries.


When asked why employees tag the hotel and hospitality sector as the happiest industry, country manager Philip Gioca says, "It's probably because a big part of their job is to make people feel happy and that's why they are happy themselves."


The survey also reported that having good friends in the workplace is more important than having a higher pay, making it the top happiness factor for working Pinoys. On the other hand, lack of career development is the leading cause of unhappiness at work.




"More and more Filipinos are looking for career development," says Philip. "They want to move forward in their chosen fields, but the lack of career development and training opportunities in their current companies seem to hold them back."


Meanwhile, when asked what would make them happier at work in the next six months, 33% said that a salary increase would be a great motivator. However, 23% of the respondents would rather not delay the inevitable, preferring to just resign and get a new job.


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