10 Books to Read Before Summer Ends

Chase the tail end of this season with a bit of love!


(SPOT.ph) Love is usually illustrated as a hot riot of emotions, an explosion of passion and ardor. It is often considered a descent into confusing chaos, but don’t you agree that love can also be a gentle, sobering force, an exhilarating journey into self-awareness, and a quiet acceptance of joy and healing? Here are 10 books sure to warm your heart.



Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History Without the Fairy-Tale Endings by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie (P658)

A compilation of short biographies of real princesses whose behavior did not exactly befit that of a lady’s, you’ll find royals who seriously kicked ass. There’s Princess Lakshmibai, who held her own in the thick of battle with her baby strapped to her back. There’s the powerful Hatshepsut, who once ruled Egypt. And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a fake princess—the famous Princess Caraboo, who fooled a country into thinking that she was royalty. Writing in a fun and informative tone, McRobbie brings these fine ladies and their loves and lives to life.


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My Lady’s Choosing: An Interactive Romance Novel by Larissa Zageris and Kitty Curan (P699)

In this book, your fate is in your hands—literally. Just like the Choose Your Adventure stories in the days of yore (basically your childhood), you get to pick your destiny as the feisty, poor heroine right smack in the middle of courtship season in 18th century England. Will you leaf through the pages to become the highlander Captain Angus McTaggart’s lady love, or will you skip chapters to flirt mercilessly with Sir Benedict Granville? Play with providence in this sexy, quirky book fated to add a bright spot of fun in the last days of summer.



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Checking Out by Nick Spalding (U.S. $10.99; about P570)

Nathan James has everything anyone could ever wish for—he’s young, he has money, and he’s got a sexy model for a girlfriend. He’s also a bit of a jerk and has this maddening headache that simply refuses to go away. So off he goes to the doctor, only to find out that he has a rare type of brain tumor. Of course he stumbles upon true love, but why seek forever with her when his days are numbered? Peppered with hilarious scenes and caustic British humor, this latest read from best-selling author Nick Spalding will get you teary-eyed and laughing out loud at the same time.


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More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer (P499)

Emma Blue shies away from reality and burrows into a virtual world of her own making. A gamer like her dad, she distances herself from her mom, who refuses to understand her daughter’s fascination with writing code. Rev Fletcher wants to keep his secrets buried deep in a past he runs away from. He has a father he would rather forget and childhood memories he wants to banish into oblivion. When Emma and Rev cross paths, tender affection blossoms, and the two face the world head on, united in their defiance.


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The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile (U.S. $17.81; about P920)

Suzanne Stabile’s wondrous book dives deep into the mysteries of relationships using the nine Enneagram types. It shows you what makes certain people tick, and allows you to get to know yourself better in the process. So that’s why an old crush—a Six—never made a move on you, or why your Five of a boss is just so cold (they’re pretty much like that to everyone else, don’t worry)! But beyond learning what kind of personalities those closest to you have, Stabile also helps you nurture the relationships you have with them, forging a better and more flourishing path between you and your loved ones.



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The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life by Cookie Monster (U.S. $10.10; about P520)

There is no truer love than the Cookie Monster’s love for cookies. And we have to admit, it is possible that the secrets of life can be found in a warm, gooey, chocolatey cookie! A single piece of this indescribable goodness contains all the wisdom and joy in the world, and Cookie Monster is privy to all of this. Now he shares the answers to the mysteries of relationships (with people and of course, cookies) and baking, making this little treasure of a book a timeless read for kids and adults alike.


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DROPKICKromance by Cyrus Parker (P699)

DROPKICKromance will hit you right in the feels. Pro wrestler-turned-poet Cyrus Parker details his loves and losses in this beautiful collection of poetry. He bravely tells his own story in simple words, detailing a toxic affair that left him bruised and battered, but setting him on the road to self-discovery and acceptance. He pens tales of strength, of hope and love for his wife, writer Amanda Lovelace. An emotional rollercoaster that will get you soaring and dipping, we’re telling you to brace yourself—this one packs a punch.


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Love at First Run by Angel C. Aquino (P299/print edition; U.S. $2.99/e-book; about P160)

Still reeling from heartbreak, 23-year-old Diana Gomez quickly develops a crush on Paul, the office cutie. Paul with the smooth, perfect hair, whose smile is a beckoning beacon to Diana, who got enticed to join the Finishers, a running club. Who would have thought that she would collapse during her first run, and that a handsome, bronzed runner would come to her aid? Who would think that despite getting the rare chance to sit next to Paul, someone else’s warm gaze would make her stomach flip? Even the most jaded would find Filipino author Angel C. Aquino’s first novel all sorts of kilig as Diana faces fake zombies, annoying model slash part-time host officemates, and falling in love.



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Herding Cats: A “Sarah’s Scribbles” Collection by Sarah Andersen (P705)

Who hasn’t struggled with the awkwardness of adulting? Cartoonist Sarah Andersen illustrates the challenge of rising early, fumbling in social situations, and dealing with everything that comes with being a grownup. Refreshing and highly relatable, you would think that yes, that’s your life right there.


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The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo (P736)

Jill Santopolo’s bestseller chronicles a love that spans decades. Starting when they were seniors at Columbia University, Lucy and Gabe embark on a romance that would transcend time and reason. But as circumstance fraught by sacrifices and betrayals separate them, will their love survive? Let this serve as a warning: Heartbreak is just around the corner. So if you’re the sort who loves a good cry, we guarantee you, this book has one of the most bittersweet endings that will have you bawling your eyes out.


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