The DOTr Weighs In on the #InMyFeelings Dance Challenge

"Mahal ka ni Kiki, kung susunod ka sa batas."

PHOTO BY Department of Transportation Facebook Page

( In case you missed it, the latest dance craze to take over everyone's social media feeds this July is the #InMyFeelings challenge. Typically accompanied with the rapper Drake's 2018 song "In My Feelings," participants of the challenge would typically exit moving vehicles and perform the dance in oncoming traffic.

Despite its popularity, the dance challenge has been criticized for serving as a risk to road safety (as is wont to happen when one jumps out of a moving car to dance). Without missing a beat, the Department of Transportation had some things to say about the dance in an advisory released on Monday, July 30.

In the Facebook post, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) put emphasis on the importance of road safety despite the popularity of the #InMyFeelings dance. The government agency instructed those who wish to take on the viral challenge to attempt the dance in a safe and non-public road and to avoid dancing in incoming traffic. They also reminded the public of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, and how taking part of the challenge might put them at risk of violating it.


Many have applauded the DOTr for this reminder, with some criticizing the #InMyFeelings challenge for putting the lives of motorists at risk:

In a comment on their post, the DOTr clarified that they are discouraging the public from taking part in the dance challenge, reminding the public to take their safety into consideration before attempting to go viral.

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