Imee Marcos Says We Should All "Move On" From Marcos-Aquino Feud

Newsflash: It's not the feud that people are still angry about.

( Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos was in Cebu on Tuesday, August 21, and said during a news conference that the feud between her family and the Aquinos was an old issue and that, “The millennials have moved on, and I think people at my age should also move on as well.” Marcos was there to attend the opening ceremony of the Visayan Island Cluster Conference of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines at Radisson Blu Hotel. 

She made the remarks during Ninoy Aquino Day, which commemorates the assassination of former senator Ninoy Aquino, the incident that eventually led to years of ever-increasing protests, and finally culminated in the ejection of the Marcoses from power through the 1986 People Power Revolution.

The family has long been exhorting people to essentially forgive and forget, while failing to express remorse for how Martial Law left the country in economic ruin and continues to divide Filipinos, simultaneously denying any knowledge of the goings-on at the time while also offering to return money to the Filipino people, which they claim that they did not steal, thereby prompting people to wonder, “If you really didn’t take anything, then why are you returning it?”

As for Imee’s claim that millennials have moved on, millennials beg to differ.

While we're talking about moving on, someone tell Bongbong to just accept that he lost.

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