Is a QC Councilor Campaigning Using Women's Underwear?

This gives "underwear campaign" a whole new meaning.


( On January 7, the Internet bore witness to pictures of a pair of underwear emblazoned with Quezon City District 2 Councilor Ramon “Toto” Medalla’s name on the backside, showing that election campaign activities are undoubtedly in full swing at this point and that politicians and their teams are getting creative—and willing to get up close and intimate with the electorate. The original Facebook post has racked up thousands of likes and comments as of writing.

A second post corroborates the original one.

We can only speculate what was going through the campaign team’s minds when they decided this was a brilliant idea.

  1. “This’ll really show that he cares about providing people’s basic needs!”
  2. “We have to use all available real estate to get his name out there—including people’s asses.”
  3. “Anyone who sees someone wearing this will immediately know that that person is politically involved and actively campaigning for the candidate they believe in!”
  4. “Wait till this explodes on social media. People are gonna go nuts! It’ll be great publicity!”

If it’s the last one, then we admit that we took the bait and concede that this was an effective tactic after all.

We have yet to obtain information on where and how the underwear was distributed and if the councilor has any statement to make about this unique form of campaigning.


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