WATCH: This Video Proves Driving in the '90s Was Heaven

It's a major throwback.

There's always that one relative who never tires of going on and on about how much nicer things were back in their day. To him or her, "back in my day" applies to everything: music, television, politics, and of course, driving.

Thing is, kids these days are anything but gullible—or at least they (we) like to think so. We have the Internet and the wealth of information it provides to thank for this. It'll take more than a cool story and some convincing for a "back in my day" monologue to mean something. These days, you need actual proof.

Thankfully, the Internet provides that, too. You know how Metro Manila's roads were supposedly heaven back in the '90s? Well, check out this video making the rounds on social media:

The video was shared by the Filipino Social Club Facebook page, and supposedly shows Makati's driving situation back in 1993. The footage takes us through a smooth-flowing Ayala Avenue and a Makati Avenue relatively free of tall buildings, among other sights. If you're into old-school cars, the footage is definitely worth a watch.


So, are you a tito or tita having trouble getting your '90s driving stories to hold water? Just show the kids this video.

Note: We'd like to know who the original video belongs to so that we could give proper credit. For any leads, please message us.

This story originally appeared on . Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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