8 Mental Hacks for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stoke your confident #FreshYouYear by doing something out of the ordinary.

New year, new you! Every year you set resolutions that push you to get out and do something new, but hesitation, anxieties, and even phobias don't always make it easy! This year, build confidence by tweaking your mental approach: let go of your fears, and step out of your comfort zone while embracing new experiences. It’s time to make 2016 your most confident year yet with these simple mental hacks that will go a very loooong way.

1. Start a New Hobby
You’ll relieve stress while discovering a new interest. Jump on the adult coloring book bandwagon, or try something more unique like ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. Remember: when you're less stressed, you're more confident! 

So. Freaking. Serene. 

2. Take Baby Steps

Ever heard of “exposure therapy?” It’s like doing one thing each day that scares you. You don’t have to strike up a conversation with your crush right away, but you could try shooting him or her a smile every now and then when you cross paths. Flash your pearly whites and your crush will defintiely start noticing you! 

And if you have two crushes, well... You know what to do. 

3. Have Fun, Don’t Psych Yourself Out

View the step out of your comfort zone as a fun one. Think positively, as this will affect your confidence in facing everyday challenges. Stay fresh by remembering the old saying: “When you overanalyze, you’re paralyzed.”

Like what happened to this guy... 

4. Mix Things Up

Don’t get us wrong: there’s nothing wrong with a routine. But now is the perfect time to shake things up and tap your undiscovered potential. Take a new route to work or eat different cuisines over lunch break. Don’t be afraid to take little risks here and there to boost your confidence.

Try a new meal—you might find something new that you like! 

5. Take a Breather
Literally go out of the city and breathe some fresh air. The mental benefits you’ll get are indisputable. Go for a hike or camp out; be one with nature, enjoy the simple things, and let nature refresh and re-energize you. 

SMORES OVER A CAMPFIRE. Need we say more? 

6.Read More

This can’t be stressed enough. You don’t want to rely on YouTube and the Internet for your information. Pick up a novel, exercise your imagination, and refuel your curiosity. Your creative juices will be stirred, resulting in a fresh new outlook on things. 

Gaston. Starved for imagination. 

7. Forget FOMO

No need to fear you’re missing out if you actually GO OUT and experience activities with friends. Because nothing’s better than sharing fresh, new adventures with your crazy old pals!

Just go!

8. Share a Smile

Give that “resting bitch face” a rest and give the Julia Roberts mega-watt smile a try. You'll radiate confidence and it'll be easier to get out of your comfort zone, ready for any challenges ahead.

Julia knows. 

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