Twitter Will Soon Let You Choose Who Gets to Reply to Your Tweets

Hear that? That's the sound of trolls screaming.

( We all know it: Facebook is for pretending you're a good person for your family's benefit, Instagram is for pretending you have your life together for your circle's benefit, and Twitter is where you really let lose, sometimes for everybody's benefit. Hold on to your keyboard-happy fingertips though, because it looks like Twitter is finally drawing the line: the social media platform will soon be testing a new feature that allows you to control who gets to reply to your tweets.


Twitter will be adding an option button called "conversation participants" right where you compose you tweet. You can choose between four options: Global will let anybody who sees your tweet reply, Group will limit it to followers, Panel to accounts mentioned in your tweet, and finally, Statement, which allows no replies—we're nominating this last one for the "Favorite Option" title.

According to a report by The Verge, the feature is currently in the testing stage. Twitter will be running "mock ups" for this new conversation format and working out the kinks before launching it globally later in 2020. 

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As part of Twitter's push for healthier conversations, this will ideally limit spamming and other unwanted replies to your tweets—though of course, anyone can still "quote-tweet" you if your account is public. Looks like the Twitterverse is about to change; fingers crossed our memes are unaffected. 

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