This Award-Winning Shot of Two Mice Fighting in a Subway Looks Oddly Cinematic

Who knew a rodent fight could look so romantic?

( We know it's sometimes tempting to narrate your experiences commuting in Metro Manila à la nature documentary (read: "Ah yes, and here we observe the Metro's commuter in its natural habitat, squeezed like a sardine into the MRT-3.") And it looks like the London Underground is no exception to the term "urban jungle," either. "Station Squabble," a cheeky shot of two mice fighting for a crumb of food in a London Subway station has won its photographer, Sam Rowley, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year's LUMIX People's Choice award for 2019.

Nope, the two mice aren't dancing the tango—they're fighting for survival. The Bristol-based wildlife photographer spent five nights in the London Tube trying to catch the split-second moment as two rodents fought over a single crumb, according to a report by BBC.

But in case you're wondering why the Bristol-based wildlife photographer chose to capture such an everyday, seemingly inane moment—we know we were—he pointed out that these mice "are born and spend their whole lives without ever even seeing the sun or feeling a blade of grass. On one level, it's a desperate situation: running along gloomy passages for a few months, maybe a year or two, and then dying. And because there are so many mice and so few resources, they have to fight over something as irrelevant as a crumb," Rowley was quoted as saying in the report.


As part of London's National History Museum's international photography competition, the picture gathered around 28,000 votes to win the poll. It beat out a couple other crowd favorites, which were given the title of "Highly Commended." Check them out below:

Main image by Christa I. De La Cruz

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