Dancers Do Delivery: What Happens When Strip Clubs Close for Quarantine

Portland wins.

( At the end of the day, work is work. But what happens when your job is affected by social distancing—as in, it depends entirely on people physically being there? Many restaurants, small hotels, and tourist attractions around the world have shut down because it’s just not feasible to keep them open, but we seem to have forgotten many other industries and establishments in the process—strip clubs are one of them.

But in Portland, Oregon, a club owner refused to abandon the women who work for him—after all, dancers tend to live on generous tips. That’s how Shon Boulden came up with Boober Eats, a play on the Uber service Uber Eats.

Anybody want anything from the Lucky Devil Lounge? They've got chicken fingers.

According to an article by The Oregonian, the food delivery service started out as a joke—as many oddly good ideas do—until people started sending in earnest orders. The kitchen at Boulden’s club, the Lucky Devil Lounge, thus remains open from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., with the top orders being chicken fingers, steak bites, and mini-corndogs.

Social distancing proves to help with one aspect of the work, though, in that the rule of all strip clubs still applies: No touching the dancers.

Boulden told The Oregonian that he just wants to keep as many of his people employed as long he possibly can, including the bouncers, who drive the dancers to their deliveries.

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