Here's What's Next: "Dragons" Flying Around Pasig City

KC Montero had some fun on IG.

( Ostriches in Quezon City, a pig in Cebu City, a cow in Iloilo City—and now, dragons flying over Pasig City. Somebody better finish up that game of Jumanji quick. TV and radio host KC Montero posted a video of dragons—the animated kind!—flying over Pasig City on August 6, adding even more fun to the strange saga of animals running around our cities.

Montero's voice can be heard over the shaky vid. It starts with just one dragon landing on the roof of Tiendesitas, then letting out an impressive fiery roar, before panning over to another dragon! "Mayor Vico how do you intend to handle this!?" he wrote in the caption, calling to the Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to attend to the fictional dragons. 

It isn't clear who made the short but epic animation and we kind of hope there's more to it. Who wouldn't want a full length animation of these huge-ass creatures flying around Metro Manila? The post has been viewed more than 27,000 times as of writing so we're sure were not alone.


People in the comments were pretty amazed by the realistic video. After the ostriches running around in Quezon City had everyone laughing—amid all the other crazy news—the funny vid was definitely another welcome break.

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