This Pinoy Pizza Shop Makes Their "Boxes" From Pandan Leaves

They help the local weavers in Cavinti.

( The Philippines' weaving industry is as rich and varied as our culture. We have piña fabric weavers in Aklan, abaca weavers in Catanduanes, and inabel weavers in Ilocos and La Union. Each region has their own product to be proud of; and for Cavinti in Laguna, their claim to fame is their collection of sambalilo (straw hat), bayong, and tampipi that are hand-woven from locally abundant pandan leaves. In an effort to promote this handicraft, Pila-based pizzeria The BrickOven Café uses reusable boxes by Laguna's weavers. 

Wild pandan is abundant in Cavinti, Laguna. The dried and stripped leaves are then woven into sambalilo, bayong, and tampipi.
PHOTO BY Facebook/The BrickOven Café
PHOTO BY Facebook/The BrickOven Café
PHOTO BY Facebook/The BrickOven Café
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"The idea of using tampipi for our pizzas came when we were running out of carton boxes, and we needed to go to Manila to get supplies. Getting supplies to Manila will incur additional expenses and consume time, so we thought that we should find boxes near our area," owner Dennise Jocel E. Porca tells in an online exchange. Her family has always been involved with environment-friendly practices, including their construction business that uses old wood from demolished houses to make their "Antigong Kubo." They also have property in Cavinti that's built from scap materials. So putting two and two together, the best solution was to use boxes that are good for both the environment and for the local community. Their prototype was a pizza box used for her father's birthday in June. 

"Before using tampipi box, we were using buli (rope made from palm tree) to tie pizza box instead of plastic straws as it is also abundant and more environmental-friendly," Porca adds.

The BrickOven Café sells wood-fired pizza. Their bestseller is the House Special, which is a combination of meat and vegetable toppings.
PHOTO BY Facebook/The BrickOven Café
Their chicken wings, which areavailable in 10 flavors, are also packed in eco-friendly boxes.
PHOTO BY Facebook/The BrickOven Café

Aside from their tampipi-style boxes, The BrickOven Café also takes pride in using scrap wood as firewood for their brick oven.


"Staying at home gave me more time to think and appreciate life in its simplest form. I realized that time, that as if we were back to primitive and basic lifestyle, optimizing resources available," the Porca shares.

The BrickOven Café opened in May, but items are only available for delivery and pick-up amid the quarantine. Their TampiPizza and TampiPakpak (chicken wings, which are available in 10 flavors) now come in tampipi-style containers. They deliver to Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz, and Pagsanjan; while third-party delivery services are used for other towns and cities in Laguna.

For more information, follow The BrickOven Café on Facebook.

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