10 Random Photos to Start Your Week: "Old Normal" Edition

Yup, we miss walking down the plane aisle, too.

(SPOT.ph) A lot has been said about life pre-pandemic: Gone are the days of crowding in confined spaces, enoying a meal in a packed restaurant, or even going to the movie theaters. With our usual activities halted, a part of us wants to go back to how things were before all this came down, and this is why we asked you to post your "old normal" photos on our Facebook page.

Here are some of our picks from the many wonderful submissions we got. From going to new places to noticing the smallest details and perhaps even missing the chaotic commute scene of the Metro, these photos give us happy thoughts of how things used to be and keep us hopeful for better days ahead.

For next week's edition of Random Photos, we are looking for pictures of beautiful sunsets taken in the Philippines. We don't know if it's just us, but we're all for magnificent views—even if they're just pictures. Send them to our e-mail address and it might just be part of next week's edition!


Got something funny to submit? E-mail us at 10randomphotos@gmail.com and we'll gladly share it. Don't forget to add photo credits.

Taken in Busan in February 2020... and "when we were as free as these birds!" 
PHOTO Courtesy of Mark VO
We miss this view, too. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Joanna Viana Becerra
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Pre-pandemic in Singapore. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Pia Joyce Ramirez
Back when people could still attend Mass. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Perlin Bon
Oh, to travel and explore the Philippines. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Judeeth Vergara
Can you believe this used to be the norm? 
PHOTO Courtesy of Dhel Manasis Dapon
What a calming sight around Ayala Triangle Gardens. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Altea Padille Aquino
We miss the back and forth from different places.  
PHOTO Courtesy of Mavelle Durian
Do you also miss commuting and going through the busy streets of Metro Manila? 
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Joyce Luga
"I think it's the first year that these trees bloomed, too bad the lockdown happened after a few days," writes Ramos. 
PHOTO Courtesy of Essie Ramos

Got something funny to submit? E-mail us at 10randomphotos@gmail.com and we'll gladly share it. Don't forget to add photo credits.


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