10 Random Photos to Start Your Week: Arts and Crafts Edition

You might want to try these crafts for yourself, too.

(SPOT.ph) The almost-year-long quarantine has probably led you to make discoveries about yourself. It could be that you actually have the ability to cook something edible or that hopping on the dalgona coffee trend is a helpless case. Or you might have taken this time to dabble into some arts and crafts, which can be a welcome distraction from the chaos and noise both online and offline. Check out some of the artsy hobbies that these Spotters have gotten into in the last few months. Who knows, you might get some ideas for what to dabble in next!

random photos
These colorful resin pieces also serve as a Tic-Tac-Toe board. 
PHOTO BY Sarah Buendia
random photos
This sculpture is so realistic. 
PHOTO BY Alysse Asilo
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random photos
We love those details on the letters—and the phrase couldn't be truer! 
PHOTO BY Paw Gascon
random photos
Can you tell the inspo behind this mural? 
PHOTO BY Noelle Perfecto
random photos
We're loving these monochrome watercolor flowers! 
PHOTO BY Mia Gallardo
random photos
A plant-parent project: How about repurposing a old basketball and turning it into a planter? 
PHOTO BY juan carlo Maala
random photos
Here's to experimenting ways to preserve flowers. This one in particular used silica and placed them in a container. 
PHOTO BY Dianne Suegay
random photos
A lot of you like scented candles, but there are some who went the extra mile...and made candles! 
PHOTO BY Lynn Lopez/@sunbirdcandles
random photos
This macrame tumbler bag will go places. 
PHOTO BY Criselda Carreon
random photos
Superb knitting skills! 
PHOTO BY Stephanie Jesena Novero

Got some Random Photos?

For next week's edition of Random Photos, we are looking for pics of the place where your head is at...yes, we are taking those "Mentally, I'm here" posts literally. Share with us a photo you've taken (important) of a place you'd rather visit again and e-mail us at 10randomphotos@gmail.com and who knows, your photo might just make it into next week's batch!

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