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comic book apps
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(SPOT.ph) There are so many things that we're all missing because of the quarantine. If you're big on comic books, you might be missing the experience of browsing book stores and comic-book shops for hours on end to find your next read. But not being able to head out as much doesn't mean you can't get new titles; just check out these apps that let you read comics in popular formats like .cbr and .pdf. Plus, some of these apps have the option for you to subscribe, so you never run out of titles to pore over.

Time to geek out! These comic-book apps are worth checking out:

Comics by comiXology

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Google Play/Comixology

Price: Free; with subscription option (U.S. $5.99; roughly P287/month)

comiXology is one of the most famous comic-book reader apps. It has been around since 2007 and it showcases titles from Marvel, DC, Image, Boom Studios, and other publishers. This app has a “Pull List” which allows you to subscribe to a title and automatically buy its latest issue once available. It’s like having a digital comic bookstore in your pocket. Using it for free gives you access to lots of titles, but the comiXology Unlimited subscription service will give you access to over 20,000 more digital comics, graphic novels, and even manga.

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Available on Android and iOS.


comic book apps
PHOTO BY Google Play/Webtoon

Price: Free (Coins can be purchased to read the latest episodes before release date with Fast Pass, starts at 10 Coins for U.S. $0.99, roughly P47)

This app might be (all too) familiar to you if you love K-Dramas, as True Beauty and Itaewon Class are just two of the handful of dramas that were based on webtoons. Webtoons are the South Korean version of full-colored digital comics that are read vertically—yep, you scroll up and down. The WEBTOON app, not to be confused with the format itself, offers almost everything for free. But you can buy what they call Coins and use them to gain early access to new episodes. Oh, and it lets you upload your own digital comics for others to read. Who knows? Your work might be the next Netflix original.


Available on Android  and iOS.

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Google Play/Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Price: Free; with subscription option

Madefire stands out among the apps in this roundup with its “motion comics” feature. In the app, the comics are brought to life as they are presented with in-panel animation, music, and even sound effects. Combine those elements with Blizzard (e.g., Overwatch and WoW), Transformers, or The Walking Dead stories and you will not get a geekier experience.

Available on Android  and iOS.

CDisplay Ex Comic Reader

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Google Play/CDisplayEx Comic Reader

Price: U.S. $5.99, roughly P287

CDisplay is an Android-exclusive comic-book reader (CBR) app. It doesn’t have lots of complicated or advanced features, which makes it more storage-friendly compared to others. While reading, you can use its color correction, page scaling, and navigation features to tweak your reading experience. You can use it for free with ads, or you can opt for a subscription to unlock cloud storage, more page scaling features, night mode, and of course, ad-free browsing.

Available on Android.


comic book apps

Price: Free; with in-app purchases

Panels is the only iOS-exclusive app in this list. Its user interface is as sleek as the latest version of iOS. It supports CBR, CBZ, and PDF files and lets you read them either vertically, horizontally, or panel-by-panel mode. The app automatically syncs your files with your other Apple devices and also gives you access to iCloud for free. Upgrading to Pro gives you Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive options.


Available on iOS.


comic book apps

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Tapas is where you can find plenty of webcomics and novels, majority of which are free to read. Users can watch ads to earn “Ink” that can be used to support your favorite creators, which will then be credited to the author’s income. You can also buy Ink so that you could unlock episodes!

Available on Android  and iOS.

Dark Horse Comics

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Dark Horse

Price: Free with subscription option

Dark Horse Comics app showcases full-runs of new and classic titles of Hellboy, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, The Umbrella Academy, and Critical Role just to name a few. The app has “Buy as Gift” feature where you can purchase gift codes that your friends can use to redeem whichever digital comic you've chosen for them. The app supports both left-to-right and right-to-left reading progression and smart panel-zooming.

Available on Android and iOS.


comic book apps

Price: Free; with Pro option

The iPad-exclusive Chunky is equipped with automatic upscaling, which means it will automatically adjust low-res graphics and make it as crisp as possible to dramatically improve your experience. Chunky supports CBR, CBZ, CBT, and PDF formats, and has auto-contrast, parental controls, and even manga reading mode. It can be connected to Google Drive, Cloud Drive, and Dropbox, too. There's also an option to upgrade to Pro, which comes with features like customizable color schemes, auto-crop page borders, option to remove watermarks from some PDFs, and download images into a single comic.


Available on iPadOS.

Astonishing Comic Reader

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Astonishing Comic Reader

Price: Free 

Astonishing Comic Reader is purely an e-reader app—that means you can’t buy digital comics on it. While that might be a bummer, it has awesome features to make up for it such as 4K TV support, continuous reading between comic issues, and the ability to screenshot your fave comic panels and share them on social media. It supports manga files, too.

Available on Android.

Marvel Unlimited

comic book apps
PHOTO BY Apple Store/Marvel Unlimited

Price: Free; with subscription options (U.S.$9.99, roughly P480/month)

Any list about comics and graphic novels wouldn’t be complete without Marvel. The Marvel Unlimited app boasts over 28,000 titles—including the Star Wars comics (Yep, you read that right). New content—both new and old comics—are uploaded weekly. You can choose from monthly or annual subscription options—and you can get the seven-day trial if you want to check out the library before committing to it. It is an all-in-one app for exploring the vast universes of the Avengers and the Jedi. Excelsior! 

Available on Android and iOS.

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