This Immersive Game Is a Love Story Set in a Visually Charming World

The graphics are based on ballpoint pen drawings!

inked game
PHOTO BY Google Play/Inked ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Inked Game

( With game developers creating thousands of video games every year, it's not surprising at all to encounter similar gameplay themes, characters, and styles. We know we're not the only ones who get excited at the prospect of games that are familiar yet given a brand-new take, and here's a visually charming puzzler that fits the description: Inked by Somnium Games, a mobile game based on its predecessor PC game of the same name. It is available for both Android and iOS phones for P190, and while you'll need to shell out a bit, the good thing is that there are no additional in-game purchases for such an #aesthetic game. But that's not the only thing going for this puzzle game. Check out more details about its gameplay below.

Looking for a new puzzle game to play? Check out Inked and its features: 

It's a puzzle game about love and hope

The game's story is about a rogue samurai named Nameless Hero and his soul mate Aiko. You must guide them in traveling their world but beware: obstacles lay ahead that will strip the adorable samurai of everything he loves. 


You must then help him retrieve everything he lost by heading into a quest full of puzzles and riddles. Along the way, he will discover a much deeper story about his world.

The game's aesthetic is not your usual 

inked game
PHOTO BY Google Play/Inked
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According to the game's lore, a "mysterious artist" in the game drew the world of Inked. He based it on ballpoint pen drawings which make the game more visually stunning. Tip: Before starting the game, set your graphics settings to high to maximize your experience.

The puzzles are immersive

inked game
PHOTO BY Google Play/Inked

To solve the puzzles, you must interact with your surroundings (read: move things around with your fingers). There are times when you might need to move crates or shapes to pass through and reach a lever that will unlock a path for you to reach your destination.

New chapter, new ambience

inked game
PHOTO BY Google Play/Inked

Different themes, color schemes, and soothing soundtracks accompany each chapter. Add these elements to the game's amazing design, and it is the perfect mobile game for chilling. 

Be on the lookout for collectibles

inked game
PHOTO BY Google Play/Inked

You can unlock more artwork in your gallery when you find all canvases found in each chapter. There are nine chapters and over 80 canvases for you to collect, so keep your eyes peeled. 

You can check out the PC game version’s trailer to see what the game looks like:

Inked is available on iOS and Google Play

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