Go Retro With This Free Font By a Pinoy Artist

We're getting major groovy vibes!

(SPOT.ph) Calling all designers and folks who just want a little more oomph in their lives: We call your attention to Ragsak, a typeface by Ilocano artist BJ Cabaltera, which he has put up online for free (for personal use only, of course)! Check out the psychedelic hits below and just try not to let it lighten your mood.

Yup, take a look at that groovy font. Cabaltera posted samples of the typeface on his Facebook page on February 28, explaining that Ragsak is "a retro display type inspired by the '60s psychedelic era." The font definitely gives us major nostalgia vibes—we're thinking everything from The Beatles to Woodstock. 


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Plus points if you caught the Funkadelic reference. The word "Ragsak" is Ilocano for "Happy," added Cabaltera, pointing to the positive vibes they were hoping to create with the font style.

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Ragsak is Cabaltera's third free font. The artist also put up Nalinak, a rounded serif font named after the Ilocano word for "gentle waves," and Dagsen, a typeface inspired by Pinoy jeepney signs and taking cue from Cubao Free, another popular typeface made free by artist Aaron Amar.

You can download Ragsak free for personal use or U.S. $10 for commercial use. 

For more information, follow BJ Cabaltera on Instagram.

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