"Anti-Sex Beds" Have Officially Been Debunked by the Olympics With This Hilarious Clip

But not before athletes had their fun on social media.

anti-sex beds

(SPOT.ph) The Tokyo Olympics are underway! Amid all the sports and countries-finally-getting-together in the face of well, everything, one topic has somehow managed to outshine it all: the so-called "anti-sex" beds athletes were given. Here's the thing though, no one has any idea where the idea came from—it's just everywhere online. But it looks like the team behind the Olympics have finally had enough of all all the social media furor. 

The summer games' social media team has been killing it so far with on-trend updates and info. And TikTok is no exception. They went left-field for one clip to finally debunk all the R-18 stuff surrounding their beds.


Please understand. ???????? ##Olympics ##Sustainability ##TokyoOlympics ##OlympicSpirit

? Dville Santa x Laboratory o - ????????????????????????

They dropped that hilarious clip on the official Olympics TikTok account—and we're all for it. The short vid showed one of the pictogram people that created a storm at the Olympics opening ceremony on July 23. 


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"Pictogram-san" was eventually spotted at the official press conference too—because this is Japan and that's just how they roll. We guess this is where the official account got the OG clip. The TikTok explained that the beds are made of cardboard "because it's more sustainable and not for any other reason," with emphasis on that last bit!


Though no one can be entirely sure where or how the term "anti-sex" was coined, the best guess is that it may have stemmed from U.S. Olympic distance runner Paul Chelimo's tweet about how the beds were "aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes." Seeing as the pandemic is still wreaking havoc, it does make sense not to get too close to other athletes. Whether that warranted making an "anti-sex" bed—if even possible, really—is another discussion. 

Whatever the case, not even a TikTok from the official Olympics account will be able to stop the "anti-sex beds" club. Multiple athletes from around the world have come up with hilarious clips of them and the beds, doing everything from checking out the interior to jumping on the bed—everything except, of course, actually having sex on them. 

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Olympic athletes hilariously testing out the "anti-sex beds" is a whole vibe:

Jesús Angulo, José Esquivel, and Adrián Mora of the Mexican soccer team show that the Olympic beds are stronger than your last relationship. Maybe.


New Zealand swimmer Ali Galyer pieces apart her cardboard bed in fellow swimmer Lewis Clareburt's TikTok.


@aligalyer did sleep last night because her bed was in 3 different parts ???? #olympics #tokyo #tokyoolympics #nz

? original sound - Lewis Clareburt ??

U.S. volleyball player Erik Shoji shows us what dreams are made of—wait, we mean the Olympic cardboard beds.


Reply to @hesitantlocal beds are Taylor thief in the night approved #olympics #tokyo2020 #tokyo2021 @taylorsander3

? original sound - Erik Shoji

Ireland's Rhys McClenaghan shows us his gymnastic prowess via the cardboard beds.

And finally, the U.S. team shows us what those beds are really capable of, as led by rugby player Ilona Maher.


Testing out the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village #beastbeautybrains #olympics #cardboardbeds #tokyoolympics #usarugby #japan #athletes #rugger

? original sound - Ilona Maher

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