This #Aesthetic Rhythm Game Is Every Pop-Music Lover’s Dream Come True

An auto-runner game with Carly Rae Jepsen vibes? Why not.

Sayonara Wild Hearts game
PHOTO BY Youtube/Sayonara Wild Hearts ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( It has been two years since the award-winning auto-runner/arcade game Sayonara Wild Hearts by Swedish developers Simogo and publisher Annapurna Interactive was first launched, but it continues to win, ahem, hearts the world over. A quick Google search will tell you that much has already been said about its pop-inspired music and beautiful visuals, to name a few—but we are happy to report to you that the hype is very, very real. Plus, it's available in a multitude of platforms, from macOS and iOS devices, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One for U.S. $12.99 (roughly P650). 

With easy controls, inspired storytelling, and stunning visuals complemented by an LSS-inducing, easy-to-the-ears soundtrack, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a fun and exciting game that you can easily end up playing for hours on end.

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In a sea of rhythm and auto-runner games, Sayonara Wild Hearts stands out from the pack. Here’s why:

Fairytale-Esque Storytelling

Sayonara Wild Hearts begins in a way that some of you may find relatable, to a certain degree: with a heartbreak. As rapper and actress Queen Latifah poetically narrates in the introduction: “Not long ago in a town much like yours, there was a young woman who was very happy. Until one day, her heart broke so violently that her sorrow echoed through space and time.”

Later on, the character is laying on her bed when suddenly, a butterfly flies into her room. Then, her world literally upends and she is dropped into a parallel universe, Alice in Wonderland-style, where she is now known as a masked biker called The Fool, fashioned after the character from the Major Arcana in tarot decks, tasked “to find the harmony of the universe.”

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Exciting Gameplay

Sayonara Wild Hearts game
PHOTO BY Sayonara Wild Hearts

If you’ve ever played any auto-runner game before, you won’t have any trouble playing Sayonara Wild Hearts. But be warned: the game frequently changes POVs as you go along, so you would have to always be on your toes in order to slide or glide to the right direction. In this game, your character gets to ride motorcycles, skateboard, shoot lasers, wield swords, and more.

Sayonara Wild Hearts game
PHOTO BY Sayonara Wild Hearts

In addition to collecting hearts and power-ups, and avoiding obstacles, you’d also get to battle against characters like the Dancing Devils, Howling Moons, and the Stereo Lovers to clear every level, as you speed through city streets, forests, and other places—much like in arcade games.

Some levels can be quite difficult than the others; but don't fret, sometimes you can get help right when you need it. After a couple of attempts on a hurdle that you just can't seem to nail, you'd get a pop-up that asks whether you want to skip that bit. This happens in random though, so make sure to choose wisely when the prompt comes up!


Dreamy Synthwave-Pop Music

As The Fool, which is now controlled by the player, hurtles through time and space, our ears are treated to a delightful synthwave-pop soundtrack—mostly original, but are pretty much in the same vein as the likes of CHVRCHES and Carly Rae Jepsen. This soundtrack, which you can listen to on Spotify, is Sayonara Wild Heart’s backbone, and is the perfect match for the game’s visuals. Earphones are definitely recommended while you explore the dreamlike stages. Pro tip: You can get the Sayonara Wild Hearts - Soundtrack Edition for P560.92 on Steam.

Surrealistic Landscapes Bathed in Neon

Sayonara Wild Hearts game
PHOTO BY Youtube/Sayonara Wild Hearts

Neon lines and splashes abound in Sayonara Wild Hearts, reminiscent of movies like Blade Runner and Tron. If this is your cup of tea, you’ll definitely fall in love with the colorful and sleekly drawn landscapes—a different one for each level. In many cases, the landscapes and colors even pulsate, which makes things even feel more alive.


Puzzling Zodiac Riddles

The Achievements section of this game comes in the form of Zodiac Riddles. There are 24 riddles to solve, and if you need help cracking the code, this guide has you covered.

Watch this trailer for a peek at Sayonara Wild Hearts:

Sayonara Wild Hearts is available on Apple Arcade, macOS and iOS devices, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One. 

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