If You're Headed South, This Is The Gas Station You Want To Make A Stop At

Check out all the new food and drink options.

(SPOT.ph) As Manila’s roads become tighter and the traffic situation continues to worsen, gas stations have morphed from straightforward pit stops to relaxing joints where exhausted motorists can catch a break.



Filipino motorists, given the ungodly traffic conditions, need a place to recharge during tiring drives. At the top-of-mind is Shell Magallanes, which has long served as a bastion of relief for road-weary Pinoys heading south, thanks to its great service, convenient location, and some of the cleanest bathrooms in the business (definitely a game-changer).


Shell Magallanes also houses one of the most impressive gas station convenience stores in Metro Manila. Its Shell Select has undergone a makeover, and now features a modern and spacious interior design and more retail offerings. This is the first Shell Select branch to feature this new format.


A variety of beverages are available at Shell Select Magallanes, including juices, iced coffee, or frappes for drivers who feel drowsy behind the wheel. Grab a bottle of Select Water or Deli2Go Coffee for a quick pick-me-up before hitting the road. And if you want to talk about going the extra mile for their customers, Shell Select Magallanes offers a variety of detox drinks for anyone in search of a healthy alternative to canned or bottled juices.



And have we mentioned the food? Shell Select Magallanes now offers freshly-made Deli2Go pastries and rice meals to hungry motorists. The health-conscious will also be glad to know that Deli2Go's hot meals don't contain any preservatives. 



So next time you happen to be stuck in deadlock traffic heading south, just drop by Shell Magallanes and let the rush hour to subside. Because Heaven knows chilling out and grabbing a bite beats sitting in traffic any day.



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All photos by @bettinabacani

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Shell.
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