Here's How You Can Take Great Photos With Just Your Smartphone

It’s all about the eye behind the lens, after all.

( Here's the thing: Everyone's a photographer nowadays. Armed with smartphones, we take snaps of everything, whenever and wherever. And, arguably, some of these people are seriously talented.

That's because they take into consideration these pro-photographer tehniques. If you want your photos to be at par with the best of them, remember to keep these in mind: 


Remember The Rule Of Thirds
Composition is the key to every great shot, so one rule of thumb is to divide your frame into a 3x3 grid. For a dynamic yet balanced photo, place your subject at any of the four points where the lines intersect, depending on the effect and message you want to convey.


Find Your Light
Don't shoot “against the light.” Locate your light source; unless you’re going for a silhouette, it should come from behind you and fall on your subject.


Play With Depth Of Field
Experiment with foregrounds and backgrounds. Try keeping the focus on one key element and maintain a slightly blurred, soft focus on everything else. This helps your photo tell a story.


Explore Different Angles
Sometimes, it's all about showing your subject from a new perspective. Find angles you've yet to explore.

Take Backups
In the digital age, there's no need to scrimp on film. Fire away! You’ll learn faster this way.

Honing your techniques behind the lens will turn you into a photo whiz with any kind of camera. That being said, just think of how awesome your shots will be when you pair these pro techniques with a great device.

Enter the Huawei P10—the newly released smartphone has developed its camera in partnership with Leica, so you know this shooter is excellent. Using a patented Leica Dual Camera, the P10 allows users to manually adjust aperture, resulting in dramatic bokeh effects. It also has depth-of-field technology that enables you to take sharp, clear portraits. Plus, it performs great in both high and low light, adjusting seamlessly. 

In professional photography, the DSLR remains the industry standard. But for non-pros who are gunning for pro-level masterpieces, there are devices like the Huwawei P10 that rival a DSLR's image quality.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Huawei.
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