Liza Soberano's Online Musical Taught Us a Few Things About Womanhood

Here are seven of our favorite moments.


( More often than not, life imitates art. But in Liza Soberano’s two-part online musical Gandang Fresh, Gandang Carefree, it is art that imitates life as Claire, the main character, goes about a typical day in the life of a hardworking Pinay. Here, we list down seven valuable life lessons we picked up from watching it.  

When insecurity strikes, it will hit you hard no matter where you are.
If you’ve ever felt uncertain about yourself while sitting beside complete strangers on your way to work or in the middle of a fun night out with your closest colleagues, don’t worry—it happens to the best of us.


But it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.
With enough determination, you can still power through the rest of the day like the strong, independent woman you are.


Freshness is a state of mind.
Half the battle is in your head. If you think you’re losing freshness, it’ll show on your face and in your body language.  


Nothing beats having your BFF around when you're feeling down.
A good friend doesn’t just listen to your work woes, but also dispenses really good advice—if only you’d take it!


Adding a few secret steps to your daily routine can make a world of a difference.
Don’t just limit these steps to using serum on your hair or swiping on red lipstick. Keeping yourself fresh down there is just as important. Step it up by adding using CAREFREE® every day to your daily routine.


There's nothing a little song and dance number can't fix.
The next time you find yourself in a funk, try humming a tune or schedule a karaoke session with your BFF ASAP. You definitely deserve a break.


Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes.
Whether it’s through positive affirmation or CAREFREE®, confidence can help you stay on top of your game, no matter how many challenges stand in your way.


We all have our own way of getting through the day, but Claire is lucky to have a friend like Lara who’s ready to share good advice. Visit CAREFREE® Philippines Facebook Page or their YouTube channel to watch Gandang Fresh, Gandang Carefree in its entirety!

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