LOOK: This New Coworking Space is a Freelancer's Dream Come True

There's room for small business owners and major companies, too.

Coworking spaces have been a godsend for freelancers who seek a new setting that can spark fresh ideas and creativity as well as boost their productivity. Plus, if they’ve been spending practically all their time working at home and haven’t been getting out much, these spaces are able to provide much-needed human interaction and the possibility of networking and collaborations. If you’re looking to create some structure in your work routine and also a place to network and meet possible collaborators on a project, scheduling your next workday at Clock In by Ayala Land Offices is definitely something you should do.

Clock In Makati Stock Exchange

Each Clock In office has the features that you’re looking for as a freelancer—with high-speed Internet being the most important one, and also individual coworking seats that you can rent by the hour or by the day. If you’re planning to make this your regular workspace, you can rent your seat for a month or more.

Clock In Vertis North Quezon City

If work gets a little too much and you need some time to take a quick step away from it all, head for the breakout area or get a drink at the pantry, which offers unlimited coffee, tea, and water.

Clock In Ayala North Exchange Makati City

If you’re a new business owner, Clock In has plenty of room for you to plan and get your venture off the ground. You can also have your own private office suite, which comes with admin, housekeeping, and IT support, a dedicated local phone number, storage space, access to meeting rooms, and passport access to Clock In offices in other locations. You can even bring your own furniture or decor to give your office a more personal touch.

Clock In The 30th Pasig City

You can use the meeting rooms if you need a place for brainstorming sessions, interviews for possible additions to your new team, and meetings with potential partners. If you’re holding any product launches, seminars, and workshops, Clock In also has event spaces available, with a seating capacity of up to 120 pax.

As part of community building, Clock In hosts monthly events that feature speakers on various topics like culture, farming, tourism, and training sessions that could help you with your career and your business. Earlier this month, Pamana Talks 2: History and Heritage was held at Clock In The 30th in Pasig City, and on September 21, The Pursuit Series 3: Creating Winning Presentations will be held at Clock In Vertis North in Quezon City.

Clock In by Ayala Land Offices is present in Metro Manila’s prime business districts and even in El Nido, Palawan. Check out Clock In’s Facebook page for updates and visit their website to see their locations, rates, and complete details on their features and amenities.

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