LOOK: Why are these ladies rallying in various malls in Metro Manila?

What is happening!?

 Armed with placards and a purpose, an army of 50 pretty ladies in blue dresses took various malls in Metro Manila by storm. It was a protest rally, a collective cry for freedom from the stresses of banking.

The answer comes in the form of a bank account that offers people more than just a passbook and ATM card -- the Security Bank All Access Account. With a minimum deposit of P5,000, this account gives them freedom in many ways:

1. Freedom from mobile banking apps that are complicated and hard to use.

2. Freedom from banking app passwords via iOS thumbprint technology.

3. Freedom from basic inter-branch transaction fees.

4. Freedom to send cash to anyone with a mobile phone.

5. Freedom to use their ATM card for withdrawals abroad.

6. Freedom to do international and online shopping with an ATM card that has a built-in MasterCard Debit facility.

7. Freedom from worries with its Withdrawal Text Alerts.

€‹The Security Bank All Access account “rally” was staged on November 8 at Glorietta, Bonifacio High Street, Greenhills Promenade, Abreeza Mall and SM City Cebu.

For more information on Security Bank All Access account, visit www.securitybank.com/personal/accounts/all-access-checking-account.

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