5 Times Pia Wurtzbach Was Just Like All of Us

Pia may be a beauty queen, but she's just as kalog as the next girl.

"I want to be remembered as the unconventional beauty queen," reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach once said. "Natural, humble, approachable, and somebody people look up to but can see themselves in." When the most beautiful woman in the world talks about wanting to be humble and relatable, you know the universe made the right choice.

There are many, many things to love and admire about Pia, and these qualities prove just how much she has in common with the rest of us. So what makes Queen P an inspiration to modern Filipinas everywhere? Here are five examples:

She doesn't mind appearing on Instagram without makeup.
While we appreciate the many makeup tutorials Pia posts online, it's the makeup-free photos that make her relatable.

She fangirls in the presence of fellow beauty queens.
Despite being a household name, Pia doesn't hide the fact that she's a big fan of fellow beauty queens Kylie Versoza and Janine Tugonon, among other people.

She’s not afraid to make fun of herself.
Never before have we seen a Miss Universe winner goof around with her fans online. Like that one time she gamely asked her followers to send some Pia Wurtzbach memes her way. Isn't that refreshing?

She keeps in touch with former colleagues.
Pia has a way of making people warm up to her, even though she hasn't seen them in a long time. They also say she's one of the most approachable celebrities they've ever met.

She doesn't rely on expensive treatments to make her hair beyond beautiful.
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