When is it okay to lean in for a kiss?

The signs are there.

What if, hypothetically, you find yourself in the following scenarios with your date or crush? How will you know if it’s okay to get closer for a kiss? Choose a hypothetical “next scene” then check the answer key below to find out what sign your date or crush might be sending you.



After dinner, you drive home together. You make small talk while parked in front of your date’s house. Seems like you both enjoyed each other’s company but it’s getting late so you both say your goodbyes. What happens next?


You’re sitting on a park bench with your date, telling stories about life. After listening to each other, there’s a moment of comfortable silence. It feels like you bonded and became more close to each other. And then…


You’re watching a movie at the cinema with your date, sharing popcorn while whispering comments about the film. Your arms are almost brushing up against each other. Your date seems to be really enjoying the moment. After you whisper another comment…


You’re both dancing on a jam-packed dance floor. Suddenly, you get bumped from behind by another person, and you almost fell. With quick reflexes, your date catches you. You look each other in the eyes and…


Enjoying each other’s company while walking along a street on a windy day, your date stops to fix some hair issues. You notice the struggle is real so you come closer and help your date. What happens next?


In the library, your crush is trying to reach for a book on a top shelf. Suddenly, your crush wobbles and almost tips over. You quickly help your crush regain balance. Afterwards, your crush leans against the bookshelf and gives a sigh of relief. Then…


You and your date are at home watching a popular TV show on the couch. Your date catches you glancing, smiles, and…


Your favorite sports team just won. You and your date are both jumping up and down in joyous celebration. You hug and get “that moment.” What happens next?


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