See How These Canned Meats Transform Into Attractive-Looking Dishes

This will make you hungry.


( For the most part, food looks more appetizing after it's cooked and plated. While a juicy sirloin is a thing of bueaty, seeing it in perfectly-cooked steak form is what really gets mouths watering.



The same rings especially true for canned goods—a little time in the oven or on the stove can make a huge difference. Check out this mix of GIFS and images and see how a little imagination and pure intentions can transform ordinary canned food into delectable, cooked dishes.



Corned beef takes on a new life over mushroom fried rice. 



Luncheon meat isn't boring when it's incorporated into an Asian-style fried rice. 



Vienna Sausage works both as a breakfast ulam and as a merienda sandwich.



Tangy chorizo works over rice or wrapped in a pastry. 



See what you can do with canned meat? Remember: the quality of your canned products will greatly influence the outcome of your kitchen experiments—so make sure you only use ones of the highest standards. When stocking up on cans, go for Purefoods Blue Line products. With them as your base ingredients, you're sure to create kitchen masterpieces. 


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