These Social Media Posts Prove That Bicolanos Are Experts At Long-Distance Travel

And when it comes to long bus rides, they're practically masters.


( While we’ve more or less just accepted the horrendous Metro Manila traffic as a fact of life, we’re not above ranting about it on social media once or twice…or a few hundred times.


But for Bicolanos who travel within Metro Manila on the regular, those three-hour commutes are nothing. The average travel time from Bicol to Metro Manila is about 12 to 13 hours, and rides that long can make master commuters out of anyone.

In fact, here are a few posts from Bicolanos that prove that long-distance travel is no big deal to them.


Or you could just find a season to binge-watch on your phone. Maybe two.



There’s a reason the pros prefer taking the bus over driving.



Miracles DO happen!



We should probably check our travel time privilege.



You might want to add “Learn a new language,” to the list.



It turns out being in a long-distance relationship can save you money.


In all seriousness, however, the bus from Naga to Manila is a really long ride. This is why Globe myBusiness, in partnership with bus company Bicol Isarog Transport System, Inc., gave these Bicol-bound passengers a wonderful Christmas surprise on Sunday, December 17.



Globe myBusiness and Bicol Isarog made the 12-hour trip as comfortable and memorable as possible with games, prizes, and freebies. The goal was to lift their spirits up as they prepared to reunite with their loved ones for the holidays, and that's exactly what happened.




Check out this video from Globe: 



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