These Super Kilig Cornetto Videos Will Remind You of Your First Crush

Back then, they were the cutest.

( Remember the Cornetto #CONEfessions videos that came out earlier this year? If you found yourself gushing and melting away while watching those videos, you'll be happy to know that there's more where that came from. Three, in fact!

"Field Trip" will remind you of the time when your sole purpose in life was to sit next to your crush and make them smile or laugh. Watch this and see if you can relate:

"Translation" will remind you of the time when you were starting to develop feelings for a close friend. Kudos if you actually ended up becoming a couple! Watch this:  

"Hintayan" is for those who are still looking for a way to introduce themselves to a crush. Watch until the end to see the surprise twist:

They do bring back a lot of kilig memories, don't they? You know what to do: Share these videos on your feed, tag that friend who may be going through the same thing, and head to the nearest supermarket or convenience store to see the latest batch of #CONEfession cone lids (there are 32 pickup lines to choose from).

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