This Touching Video of a Girl and Her Lola Will Make Your Day

Prepare to cry in buckets.

Tell us: What have you done for your lola lately?

We'd like you to check out Grandma's Little Angel, a video short that's been making the web rounds as of late. It tackles the strong bond between Lola Linda and her granddaughter/business partner Kassie, and how a passion for creating divine treats is passed on from one generation to another.

If you consider yourself a lola's girl or lola's boy, this will probably leave a mark. Watch and see if you can relate:

The moral of the story? Success is best shared with people who inspire you to work hard. If this doesn't give you all sorts of #feels, we don't know what will.

Makes you want to start a business with your own lola, doesn't it? Share this video and spread the love!

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