WATCH: Cornetto's Valentine's Day Video Series Has 'Kilig' Written All Over It

Which one is your favorite?


( People tend to forget that Valentine's Day is supposed to be fun. The pressure to stage an elaborate surprise, or the stress when lining up in a crowded mall to purchase an expensive gift or flowers for your date, can really suck the joy out of what's generally regarded as the most romantic day of the year.


Then there's the notion that this is the best time to confess your true feelings to someone you like—and that's a badgering thought everyone can do without.


But if you really want to come clean to your crush, it's always a good idea to keep things light and to find the right moment. You don't want to make things weird or awkward from the get-go! If you're stumped for ideas, take inspiration from these kilig Cornetto #CONEfessions videos on how you can get the message across without going over the top.


So that's what it feels like to be the best-friend crush?


Well, that opportunity just fell into his lap. Lucky guy.


No flowers? No problem.


This February, scratch the fancy dinner and the same old gifts. Your crush will realize it when something comes from the heart, no matter how simple it is.


If you're up for it, give one of these #CONEfessions a go this Valentine's Day. Follow Cornetto on Facebook.

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