WATCH: McDonald's Made Sure No One Went Hungry at Undas 2017

Particularly, those who were at Manila Memorial Park.


( All Saints' Day is a date reserved in remembrance of the dearly departed. On this day, people visit memorial parks and columbaries to pray for loved ones who have crossed into the afterlife. And with vigils that last all day and well into the night, these folks will deal with one very basic, human concern: hunger.


So what's a hungry Pinoy paying his respects at a memorial park to do? Bringing food is the current habit. But as seen in the video above, McDonald's made getting food easier during Undas 2017. 



A 15-foot McDelivery Pin erected in Manila Memorial —served as an easy meet-up point for customers to claim their food from McDelivery riders. After simply ordering via McDelivery, customers received a notification confirming their delivery, and proceeded to the pin to pick up their food.




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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with McDonald's.
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