What Does Your Desk Say About How You Work?

How's the situation at your work station?

(SPOT.ph) Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? If you do, you’re probably not surprised that  it’s started to become a reflection of your work personality. Your desk shows whether you’re super organized and a minimalist, if you thrive more with a lot of visual cues, or if you prefer getting daily encouragement from that single framed photo of your family beside your computer.

Your office desk says a lot about you, whether you intended for it or not. Admit it, you’ve taken quick glances at your workmates’ stations and concluded from there the kind of persons and employees they are. Nothing wrong with that, but remember: they’ve most likely done the same to you! Now, if you want to figure out what people see when they look at your desk, take this quiz to find out:


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