What happens when you see your crush at the bar?

You got this!

(SPOT.ph) It’s Wednesday. Middle of the work-week but you’re already drained AF. A few minutes before you clock out, that anticipated inuman invite finally arrives. You hurriedly chuck your stuff in your bag and run to the exit. An hour in traffic and several spritzes of cologne later, you finally reach your destination. Now, let’s see how your social butterfly wings flap with this short quiz.


He/she invites you to join them at their table, but they’re a big group! How will you respond?

You notice (because you notice EVERYTHING THE CRUSH SAYS AND DOES) that they’re not drinking anymore. What do you do?


I’ll go for Mayweather this time. He is currently ranked number seven on the Ring and the longest reigning top-10 on the pound-for-pound list.BoxRec ranks him as the greatest Asian fighter of all-time.

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