You'll Be Craving Chocolate After Watching These Videos

Local favorite Nips Chocolates is featured in fun, new ways.


( Remember the original Nips jingle? “They make a rainbow… a choco rainboooow!” It’s kind of impossible to sing it without smiling, and it’s a real #LSS tune.


Decades after one of our most recognizable jingles hit the airwaves, Jack 'n Jill Nips' newest jingle took the spotlight at the culminating event for Nips Pop Fest 2017, held at the Market! Market! Activity Center last November 18.



Nips Pop Fest, now in its third year and co-presented by MYX Philippines, is a celebration of creativity through music, fashion, and art.



This year, the hundreds of fans who came to the event got to join a variety of fun activities, such as calligraphy sessions, T-shirt designing, and mason jar decorating.


Participants were encouraged to have their pictures taken in the photobooths, or get recorded dancing and belting out the new Nips jingle in the music video booth.



The crowds were also treated to live performances by Autotelic and Rocksteddy.


The event culminated with the announcement of the winners of the music video making contest sponsored by Nips. Over 100 participants joined, submitting dozens of videos using the Nips jingle. The winning entries were determined both by the management and the crowd, with over 30,000 votes cast.



In the end, Abigail Jashael Venida Bagabaldo took the top prize. “I didn’t expect to win,” Abigail, who impressed everyone with her stop-motion video, explained. “Real Nips were used, and each frame took about two hours to make.” The effort paid off, however, as she went home with the P100,000 cash prize.


The second and third placers, as well as the fan favorite, were also awarded prizes from Nips. Watch their winning videos below:


Pinaka HaNIPS Award: Share the Colorful World of Nips! #NipsAtHeart

by Abigail Jashael Venida Bagabaldo




Mas HaNIPS Award: Paint the World with Rainbow

by Jhun Art de la Cruz Sager



HaNIPS Award: BON (Bag of Nips) VOYAGE

by Michael Bernardo Golez



HaNIPS sa Fans Award: BUNDAK (Stomp of the Feet)

by Lyle Ceros de Paz




As with the old NIPS jingle, it didn’t take long before the crowd was bobbing and singing along to the new one. “Paint the world with rainbows,” they sang—and why wouldn’t you when you’re popping a bag of colorful Nips chocolate?


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