These Beautiful Night Shots of Metro Manila Will Make You Proud to Be a Manileño

These stunning photos will make you see your urban jungle in a whole new light.

( Evenings bring a different perspective to the metro. During the day, we’re all about the hustle; but at night, when the lights come on and we’re free to explore what the city has to offer, it becomes a playground of discovery.


Metro Manila at night is full of locales begging to be photographed. Walk around, climb to the top floor of the nearest office building, or look outside your car window. With all its authenticity and eccentricities, the city is beautiful. Here are some snapshots to prove our point:




EDSA Ortigas

At night, the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue epitomizes our love-hate relationship with Metro Manila. The onslaught of commuters and staccato movement of vehicles exudes an energy that’s just begging to be caught on camera. And with a camera set to capture long exposure shots, the image transforms into trails of light illuminating one of the city’s most historically significant sites.




Metro Manila Skyline

The Metro Manila Skyline is an ever-evolving subject, as new developments rise every year. At night, the city lights paint a picture of that evolution in progress, from the towering skyscrapers and buildings under construction, to the villages and cars shuffling down below. Find the right angle (and there are a lot), and you’ll get yourself a photo worth printing out and putting up on your wall.




Poblacion, Makati

Poblacion’s grittier streets, bathed in the glow of the area’s neon lights, provide a captivating juxtaposition of the metro’s extremes in every image. There’s never a shortage of things to shoot in Poblacion; be it the bars bristling with customers from different walks of life, or the quieter corners of the neighborhood, just a few blocks away from the Makati nightlife.  




Quezon Memorial Circle

When the night falls, the 217-feet mausoleum of President Manuel L. Quezon is illuminated with colors of red, blue, and green. This eye-catching view can be seen by motorists driving around the Elliptical Road and nearby streets. Joggers in the Quezon Memorial Circle can be spotted taking selfies with the mausoleum in their background.




Pasig River

Nobody might have thought that this river will make it to a list that's about the best of Manila. But there's beauty in everything, yes, including Pasig River. At night, when you're crossing the Guadalupe Bridge in Makati, you can see a different Pasig River. The lights of the structures seen at the other end of the river create a dramatic and vivid scene.


The photos above were all taken with the Huawei P20, which features a Leica dual-camera setup (12MP color and 20MP monochrome) that captures finer details in light and shadow. It can muster up to 5x digital zoom, in case you want to take closer shots of the streets below. Making photography even more foolproof is the phone’s Kirin 970 processor, which utilizes artificial intelligence to detect the subjects of your photos and automatically adjusts your camera settings to give you the best possible shot.


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