This Infographic Illustrates How Little, Everyday Expenses Seriously Affect Our Finances

The numbers are shocking. 

( Do you ever find yourself at the peak of Petsa de Peligro, looking back at all the times you bought something totally unnecessary, and how you realize you could actually live without it? Imagine the money you could have saved if you decided to skip that second merienda every day! Did you really have to spend that extra change (and then some) on new lipstick that you're "saving for a special occassion?" Couldn't you have walked to the next block instead of hailing a cab? If you think about it, all the suffering you're going through now while waiting for payday is basically self-inflicted.


If you think about it, the things you habitually spend on actually add up in the long run. Check out this infographic to see how much cash you’re actually spending on every day expenses in just one year:



So, if you hold back on daily visits to your favorite third-wave coffee shop, quit smoking entirely, and start walking instead of always booking a private car, you can save enough cash for something pretty awesome! If you find yourself struggling to survive until the next payday every month, then something has to change…and it doesn’t have to be a huge adjustment!


Go Cashless

Believe it or not, one sure-fire way to prevent yourself from spending more than you should is to go cashless. And by that, we mean getting a debit card. This way, you get to track all your transactions, keep a record of all your purchases, and monitor your balance in real time. The service even sends you a statement of account every month so you can see all your transactions!


Having a debit card is one way to train yourself to better manage your finances better, but it makes everything so much more convenient, too. Visa debit cards, for example, is accepted everywhere so you can literally pay for anything and everything with a swipe. Security isn't an issue either, with an embedded EMV chip in the card and 24/7 emergency customer service when you lose your card. Unlike cash, when you lose it, it’s just gone forever. 


Having a debit card makes online transactions super convenient, too! You can use your Visa debit card to pay for your bills online so you never have to make another trip to a payment counter again. And because you can be more financial savvy with a debit card, you can make your loved ones feel super special by surprising them with gifts without having to exert any physical effort…just like how this guy made his parents’ dream of a honeymoon come true:


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Visa.
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