This Is Probably Why You Aren't Getting Any Fitter

If you want to achieve your #BeachBodyGoals, don’t starve yourself.

( Sometimes, despite all the food you stop yourself from eating and all the hours you spend working out, the results you get aren’t always exactly what you wanted.


So, what gives?


It turns out that the “diet” part of “diet and exercise” is widely misunderstood. We try out all these newfangled diets in the pursuit of a better bod without realizing that some of the principles behind them are just myths.



For instance, studies have found that people who go on drastic calorie-reduction diets do experience good results—but they hardly ever last. Nutritionists also suggest that people who deprive themselves of treats only end up abandoning their diets altogether. And strict calorie counting doesn’t take into consideration the fact that calories don’t measure the quality of the food you’re eating: You could consume the same amount of calories in either lean fish or pork fat, and you’d get very different results.


What’s the best thing to do, then? Instead of eating less of the food you love, you just have to make sure you’re smart about your food consumption. You could, for example, replace the meat in some of your favorite dishes with San Marino Corned Tuna, which has all the goodness and health benefits of tuna, but with less oil.



If you love pizza, try making one with spicy tuna instead of ordering in. Follow this link for a mini-pizza recipe that’s just the right size for a single meal.


Salad lovers could sometimes use a little more protein in their diets. This recipe for apple salad uses tuna to complement the fruit’s sweetness while adding to the dish’s nutritional benefits.


Craving rice? Tuna, onions, and fried eggs make for perfect rice toppings. Get the easy-to-follow recipe here, and try making it for breakfast.


Who said eating healthy means you can’t have anything fried? This recipe for croquettes is a less-guilty pleasure you can enjoy every now and then. Just make sure you don’t snack on these tasty treats too much!



And if you’re always on the go, this recipe for a grilled-cheese sandwich with tuna is very easy to make—and even easier to eat. If you’ve got kids, this is also an awesome baon option.


Remember, getting fit doesn’t mean you have to avoid what you enjoy eating—you just have to plan your meals wisely and look for healthy but satisfying recipes. Flavor and nutrition aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, you should do your best to make sure all your meals have both.


So, keep up with the “diet and exercise,” but always bear in mind that you’ve got options, like San Marino Corned Tuna, to make any recipe healthier. You don’t have to eat less when you can just eat better.


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