This Kid is Totally Ruining the Holidays

Or is he?

( Uh-oh. Is somebody being naughty? Hold your judgment, people, and watch the video 'til the touching ending.

Admit it: you would’ve have reacted the same way as the mom in the video did when she saw her son making a huge mess—give him "The Look." Understandably, just thinking about how she’ll remove those gnarly stains is enough to lose your cool. “Christmas is postponed until everything is spotless!”

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions but as the video suggests, it’s time to look beyond the chaos and #seethegood. There could be a nice reason behind all that naughtiness, you know. While the kid was getting his hands all grubby, staining everything in his path, he was learning to be helpful, resourceful, and showing initiative—valuable life lessons that are worth a soiled sofa or stained shirt. After all, removing the stains shouldn’t be a problem when you use a laundry detergent with superior stain removal properties like Breeze ActivBleach. It can do the dirty work for you.

Kids will be kids. They love to explore, discover, and do things without worrying about getting dirty. Instead of making them fearful, show a constructive approach to getting to the bottom of the mess. It could be for the greater good.

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