This new Christmas video from Selecta will have you reaching for tissue

Watch how Kuya steps up to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

(SPOT.PH) The video below is NSFW. If getting seen crying like a baby by your coworker is embarrassing for you, that is. So before watching, please get a box of tissue. Ready?


We lost it at the 1:17 mark. Christmas just isn’t the same without the whole family. It’s the time of the year when people come together to share stories, exchange gifts, bond over good food, and make lasting memories. But even when a loved one can’t join us, we should always keep the holiday cheer burning bright.

As the kuya in the video helped make Christmas still meaningful for his family, you, too, can continue old traditions with the family. As long as there’s warm fellowship and fond memories with the family, the Yuletide experience will be complete.

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