This Touching Video From Selecta About Favoritism Will Give You All The Feels

Watch this video to see how this dad brilliantly deals with his daughter’s question about favoritism.

( Can relate to the ate in the video? You're not alone. In every family, there is always someone who's thought of as the Daddy's Girl, the Mama's Boy, or the Golden Child. Truth is, people can’t help but have favorites in the family. Just like how a kid has a prized toy among his collection or like how you have a closest friend in your barkada.

In this video, dad smoothly tackles the sensitive issue of favoritism and explains how even though parents have different ways of showing their love for each of their children, it doesn't mean that they love any of them less.

Issues are better resolved over honest conversations between loving family members; and a scoop of Selecta ice cream wouldn't hurt, right? If you liked this video, share it with your friends and spread heartwarming cheer this Christmas.


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Selecta.
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