This Video Will Remind You of What Christmas Was Like As a Kid

You’ll probably want to call your mom after watching this.


( A big reason Christmas is always filled with cheer and warm feelings is because of the work your mom puts into it.


From decorating the house, to preparing a hearty Noche Buena, to buying your gifts for Kris Kringle, and even to playing Santa when you were young—your mom deserves credit for all the little things that make the holidays magical. Just watch the video above if you need a reminder.


It’s good to remember all the things your mom did for you when you were a kid. And while you don’t need her to do them anymore, some things just never grow old—like all the dishes she’d whip out every Christmas.


Because if there’s one thing everyone looks forward to every December, it’s mom’s cooking. It always goes up an extra notch and even familiar dishes like her macaroni salad seem to taste better during the holidays. Just goes to show that Christmas just isn’t complete without mom’s special touch. So make sure to show her your gratitude this year, okay?


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