#UsoPagSummer: 10 Things That Only Happen This Time of the Year

The funny, the witty, the nakaka-LSS things this summer.

(SPOT.ph) When it’s summer in the Philippines, there are staple trends that are true Pinoy. From tank tops to bucket hats to summer barangay leagues, it’s that time of the year again for #UsoPagSummer. How many of these 10 Filipino summer trends can you relate to?

“Ang init” as conversation starter
Every conversation starts and ends with "ang init" plus chosen expletive. The many variations of our complaints about the heat are now the most reliable go-to conversation starter. Don't know what to say to your crush? Try "ang init" and there's a good chance he or she will agree.

Comfy sandos
People in tank tops everywhere, well, because it too hot and humid. From the school uniform type to the ones where the arm holes are as large as the gaping hole in our ozone layer. It's like a skin parade.

Rise of street-preneurs
Our friendly neighbors become entrepreneurs during summer. In every street, there are at least five families selling the following: halo-halo, mais con yelo, ice drop, ice candy, and even ice water. The demand is high so there will always be supply.

Summer fashion
It’s the perfect time to dress to chill: from sunglasses, bucket hats, floral prints, to colorful flip flops. Pinoys will never go out of fashion during this season; thanks to the summer bazaars here and there, and easy access to tiangges.

Cute umbrellas
When we were kids, we hate using those. Now that we're older, we have all sorts of umbrellas ready for the sun and rain. The ones that look like guns, katana umbrellas, pirate sword umbrellas, umbrellas with ears, and multi-colored umbrellas.

Suddenly, your friends' Instagram accounts are loaded with beach photos. Is there a photo contest that we should know about? Who used the best filter? Which one has the best photo with #nofilter? Who's got the nicest bikini? Who captured the best sunset?

Cars overheating
The intense summer heat makes it easier for some cars to overheat. This is why it is important for all car owners to double check their vehicles before going on a long trip. Make sure that the cooling system is in tip-top shape.

Barangay leagues
From mosquito division to senior division, barangay basketball and volleyball leagues are in full swing during this season. The whole barangay stops when their representatives play to defend the house. There will be occasional scuffles, but hey, it’s all because of the love for the game. 

Iced tea
If during the non-summer months, iced tea is only served when there are visitors or if the whole family is in the house, during summer it’s unli-iced tea the whole day. The summer heat makes us all want to gulp a big glass of iced tea.

Summer anthem LSS
Every summer, there's going to be that one song you'll hear blasting from almost every corner. It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure song. This summer, there’s no doubt that one of the LSS-inducing summer anthems is “Nestea oh-ayo! You’re my summer bestea!” by Nestea – even some celebrities are singing along with it. No one can blame them because it's legit catchy.

Even if there are only few weeks left before we say good bye to summer 2017, the fun never stops. The good thing about us, Pinoys, is that whatever the season is, we find fun things to do. So, before the summer ends, get your groove on; if you haven’t listened to Nestea’s Summer Anthem, watch it here, but don’t blame us if you get LSS.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Nestea.
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