WATCH: Moms React to What Their Kids Do When They're Not Around

It's easy to be paranoid when you're not on top of things.


( Kids can be expected to horse around when their parents aren't looking. Moms, in return, can be expected to worry about their kids no matter what. Have they been up to no good? Did they get hurt? Did they hurt anyone? It's easy to be paranoid when you're not on top of things, but it's understandable.


But watch this social experiment: Real moms got the chance to secretly observe their kids while the young ones were out on a field trip. And what they saw surprised them and truly tugged at their heartstrings.



As the video shows, behind every stain is a story—and it’s not always bad. The biggest takeaway? Sometimes moms need to be reminded to #SeeTheGood in every situation. And with proper guidance, kids can be on their best behavior even when no one's looking.



At the end of the day, Breeze reminds us that it is easier to wash away stains than it is to bring up a good child.



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