WATCH: This new Knorr video will make you want to call your mom

Get ready for all the #feels this Mother’s Day.



( We look up to a lot of heroes growing up: from the superpowered ones on TV, to the historical ones in books, to the real-life ones we meet every day in our streets, in our hospitals, and in our classrooms. But while we’ll always be inspired by these larger than life heroes, let’s not forget the ones we have closest to home—our moms. 


Remember those times she cheered you up when you were feeling down? Or all those made-up bedtime stories she’d tell you without fail every night? How about the familiar taste of her cooking that will always make you think of home, even now when you’re all grown up?


Moms do a lot for their kids, and more often than not, they don’t receive the credit that they deserve. So is it a surprise, then, that so many moms are left wondering if what they’re doing is truly enough for their kids? If they, themselves, are enough?


A video produced by Knorr seeks to assure mothers everywhere—whether they’re more traditional moms, or single moms, or soon-to-be-moms, or even the dads who’ve stepped up to the plate—that, yes, they are. Watch it here now:

Show your mom how grateful you are and give back some of the love and care she’s shown you by preparing her tinola using Knorr Chicken Cubes—it’s a dish straight from childhood, and one sure to bring back good memories. #TinolaMoNaLangYan

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Knorr.
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