WATCH: This Video Is Proof That Moms Are the Real MVPs of Christmas

It wouldn’t be the most wonderful time of the year without her.


( With all the parties, shopping, eating, and everything in between, the holidays are somewhat synonymous with hustling and bustling. Amid all the merry-making, it’s easy to forget about the people who work behind-the-scenes to make it all happen—like your mom who spent hours fixing up the Noche Buena spread.

She’s the superwoman who does all the work without expecting anything in return. The video should remind you of just how much you should be thankful for.

This year, give your mom a break and chip in with the holiday prep. You can lend her a hand with the decorations and the shopping, and even join her in the kitchen. Working together to whip up the staple dishes of your table—like her signature macaroni salad—can be another Christmas memory to cherish someday.  

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