12 No-Fail Christmas Gift Ideas Under P1000

Your wallet will thank you!

You’ve surely heard this one before, but when it comes to finding the right presents for your family and friends, it’s really the thought that counts. A gift’s worth, after all, isn’t measured by its price tag, but by the joy it brings the recipient. In any case, well-chosen yet thoughtful gifts can be inexpensive, too! Below are 12 gift ideas from Robinsons Department Store that fit the description and still fall within your budget
. You might even find something for whatever theme your office monito-monita will be going for.

Scent Swatch Minis Gift Set (P119) and Scent Swatch Hand Sanitizer and Cologne Gift Set (P130)

If you’re not quite sure what to get someone this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with gift sets. No matter what their personality is or where their interests lie, they’ll surely find this useful. Who doesn’t want to smell good and stay germ-free? Plus, a set of mini fragrances make an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys wearing a different scent for every mood and occasion.

Ever Bilena Collection Multitask Palette (P299)

Another great option for makeup lovers is this hardworking palette from Ever Bilena. With 12 shades that can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, or contour, it’s bound to become a must-have in anyone’s
kikay kit.

Vanity Kit in Snake Black (P349.75)
Speaking of kikay kits, if a friend or family member has so many products that they’re constantly spilling over, consider getting them this stylish vanity kit, stat! P.S. We hear that snakeskin is very on-trend right now.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Set (P379)

Vanilla has always been a crowd pleaser, especially in bath and body sets. For those who enjoy a little pampering, this should be a special treat. You can even get this in different scents, such as lavender, sweet pea, jasmine, and wild argan.

Essential Oils Set (P379)
Depending on the scent, essential oils are touted to help people sleep better, think more clearly, or calm down, making them a popular gift especially around this time of the year. Gift this set of five to anyone in need of some serious R&R—yourself included.

Micro Fleece Travel Blanket (P499.75)
Show jet-setting friends and family that you care by giving them this warm and fuzzy travel blanket. It won’t just keep them from feeling chilly every time they’re on a plane to Hong Kong or on a bus to Baler, it’ll also remind them to bring you pasalubong each time!

Easy Pack Parka (P399.75)

Not all gifts have to be flashy. Some can be as utilitarian as this parka and still win “Most Thoughtful Gift.” And with the -ber months already upon us, you can bet that this will get a lot of use. This parka comes in different colors: black, navy blue, maroon, olive green, pink, lavender, yellow, and light gray.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow (P299.75)

If you know someone who's always on the road or travels a lot, this suede neck pillow ought to give them some relief during long trips. Made from memory foam, this pillow adjusts to the shape of the user’s neck, making it the perfect sleeping companion.

Bedroom Slippers (P299.75)
Never underestimate the power of a pair of fluffy bedroom slippers. These ones are so soft, they can make anyone feel instantly at ease. Cocooned in our private sanctuaries, comfort is king.

Play-Doh Burger Barbecue (P699.75)

Here's a nice surprise for the little ones on your list. This cute little cooking set can let them flex their creativity.

Rubik's Orbit (P699.75)This puzzle will test the problem solving skills of the kids on your list—and it's great for grown-ups who love puzzles, too.

Holographic mermaid backpack (P499.75)
Shiny, pretty things are always a good idea. This backpack is a great choice for someone who'd love to have a flashy new bag to show off at school for the new year.

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