5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office a More Stress-Free Place

Little changes can go a long way.


(SPOT.ph) Are you stressed out? Reality check: office stress will naturally poke the mataray-mode nerve in you. Instead of letting stress kill your good vibes, manage it and don’t let it control you. Here are five practical ways to free your mind from office stress.


De-clutter and give your wokstation a makeover.

Why settle for organized chaos when it can be just organized? The secret to a quick workspace de-cluttering is to remove, decide, and organize. Remove all the things on your desk, decide which items should go to the trash and the ones to stay, and arrange the remaining items. Also, a plain-looking desk might be stressing you out. Get your groove on and give your desk its long overdue makeover.


Stay hydrated.

Noontime show hosts don’t give a glass of water to hyperventilating contestants for no reason. When office tasks and workplace drama are too much to handle, drink a glass of water or two. Your body needs water to function properly.


Manage your computer files.

Organizing your files, believe it or not, is therapeutic and keeps your mind busy. Little victories will boost your self-confidence, too. Besides, you want to be able to easily find that file your boss sent to you eight months ago.


Do simple office exercises.

Sitting on your butt all day can make you feel fatigued—keep the blood pumping! Take the stairs once in a while, stand and do calf raises while waiting for the copying machine to finish, do some desk push-ups, and walk around the office every so often. Simple exercises will recharge you and take your mind out of the stress zone.


Fight stress the natural way.

Go natural. Have a calming oil handy; it can soothe and relax you even at your worst office days. Be sure to pick an oil that doesn’t smell funny. Prosource VCO Calming Oil offers the best of both worlds: it naturally relieves stress without smelling funky.



Office stress is inevitable but you can manage it by making it your motivation rather than a roadblock. However, when the stress level is too much to handle, mind power is not enough. In such case, it’s time to soothe your mind and body with Prosource VCO Calming Oil, available at Mercury Drug and Watsons for only P119. It helps you reset the button and get back on track. For more info, visit Prosource’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with ProSource.